PANDOSCOPE® Research Papers

The research papers for the PANDOSCOPE® and PANDOSCOPY cover the following applications:

    • Railway / RailRoad Ballast and Trackbed Formation Condition Assessment
    • Pavement Working Platforms
    • Concrete Segregation
    • Tunnels & Underground Space Condition Assessment

Railway / RailRoad Ballast and Track Formation Condition Assessment

Methods of Track Stiffness Measurements – INNOTRACK GUIDELINE – Project No. TIP5-CT-2006-031415 (2006)
Railroad Subgrade Support and Performance Indicators – Research Report KTC-12-02/FR136-04-6F – Michael Henry & Jerry Rose – University of Kentucky
Unsaturated Railway Track-bed Materials – Yu-Jun Cui (2016)
Application of PANDA and Geo-Endoscopy Techniques for Improved Assessment of Track Substructure Conditions at Railroad Bridge Approaches – Debakanta Mishra, Jonathan Gallier, Erol Tutumluer, Younes Haddani and Roland Gourves – Joint Rail Conference 2015
Trackbed Mechanical and Physical Characterization using PANDA Geoendoscopy Coupling – Younes Haddani, Pierre Breul, Gilles Saussine, Miguel Angel Benz Navarrete, Fabien Ranvier and Roland Gourvès (2016)
Geotechnical investigation of a French conventional railway track-bed for maintenance purposes – Lamas-Lopez, Cui, Costa D’Aguiar, Calon – SNCF – Soils and Foundations – Japanese Geotechnical Society Dec 2015

A comparison of two methods of determining the stiffness of track-bed materials (dynamic penetration and dynamic plate load) comparing the PANDA® / PANDOSCOPE® and the Light Weight Deflectometer.

Pavement Working Platforms

Performance Evaluations of Pavement Working Platforms Constructed with Large-Sized Unconventional Aggregates – H Kazmee & E Tutumluer, University of Illinois & D Mishra, Boise State University – 2015

Concrete Segregation

On-site Concrete Segregation Analysis using Image Analysis – Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology Vol 6 – P Bruel, J-M Geoffray & Y Haddani – Feb 2008

Tunnels & Underground Spaces Condition Assessment

New diagnosis methodology for old tunnels in service – P Bruel, P Goirand & Y Haddani – TUNNELS ET ESPACE SOUTERRAIN – No.245 – Oct 2014