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We are pleased to let you know that the AX01 Plate Load Test is now compliant with the ASTM International standards. The Plate Load Test is normally used to measure the short-term settlement of pavement sub-grade, temporary works platforms, or building footings under their proposed design load. 

ASTM D1195 covers the apparatus and procedure for making repetitive static plate load tests on sub-grade soils and compacted pavement components, in either the compacted condition or the natural state, and is to provide data for use in the evaluation and design of rigid and flexible-type airport and highway pavements. Meanwhile, ASTM D1196 covers the non-repetitive side.  

As we thrive on adding value to our clients, we believe this is a huge milestone for the Plate Load Test. Being compliant with the ASTM international standards gives our clients the assurance and confidence that we are delivering the “best of breed” testing methods in the market. 

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