A Reliable Methodology for the Determination of the Modulus of Subgrade Reaction – Case Study
Engineers appear to be fixated on soil bearing capacity as the fundamental soil parameter for foundation design worldwide, with the assumption that the footing will behave as a rigid body.
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Light Weight Deflectomer Local Calibration and Repairs – Announcing Insitutek Trilab Partnership
As well as selling and renting Light Weight Deflectometer to clients, we are delighted to announce a partnership between Insitutek and Trilab for Zorn Instruments Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD) calibrations and repairs. Insitutek clients now have exclusive access
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4x Local Geotech, Pavement & Rail Related Symposiums You Maybe Interested In
We wanted to alert you to four events that you or your colleagues maybe interested in attending: SPARC International Symposium on Unbound Flexible Pavements 2022 – 29-30 Sept 2022 SPARC
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Non Destructive Thickness Measurement Of Asphalt Layers – A New Zealand Case Study
One of our innovative clients, WSP, was looking for a way to assess the thickness of asphalt layers during the construction process and easily report their findings. They wanted to
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Are lime shortages or pricing increases an issue for you or your clients?
It’s seems like every few days we are having conversations relating to the shortage of lime supply or significant price increases. Is this an issue for you? We’d like to
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I have known the team at Insitutek for over ten years. Their professionalism, positivity and enthusiasm for their work is outstanding and I am pleased to recommend them.

Greg Adamson
Geotechnical Engineering

We find the Insitutek team extremely helpful and their knowledge of the equipment and its capabilities is a great resource for our staff.

Lucas Pardo
Principal, LR Pardo & Associates

Insitutek is our partner overseas for our test equipment. Ask them for a presentation or training for our products. I am sure you will be satisfied. They are a reliable and very kindly partner.

Anix GmbH