National Asset Centre of Excellence (NACOE), a collaboration of Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads and the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB), has released their final report for the Best practice in compaction quality assurance for pavement and subgrade materials – P60 project.

Importantly, in Appendix A of this report, is the Draft Technical Note – Guidance on Use of Light Weight Falling Deflectometers (LWDs) to be Accepted as an Alternative Method for Verification of Earthworks Compaction Requirements – June 2021.

This draft technical note provides guidance on implementation of Light Weight Deflectometers including a flow chart showing key steps for assessment/derivation of equivalent acceptance thresholds for LWD use (in lieu of traditional (density) testing minimum thresholds included in MRTS04 – General Earthworks).

We believe this “How to” guide will be very useful for industry on projects across the country. You can visit our website to access the full report and other resources. 

We’d really value feedback and thoughts on the Draft Technical Note.