Click-on Modules

The demand to build a comprehensive and accurate picture of the subsoil by using additional parameters from in-situ soil investigation is increasing. For example it may be required to derive the in-situ properties of both soil stratigraphy and soil elasticity to design a foundation that is subject to vibration; or both the soil density and soil electrical conductivity to determine contaminated layers and predict future distribution. In general, these parameters can only be acquired by separate systems (seismic, conductivity, magneto, etc.) and in subsequent tests. Apart from being time consuming, this process may also negatively affect the accuracy of the information obtained. Our digital CPT data acquisition system eliminates these drawbacks. By moving to smart digital communication, sufficient bandwidth over a thin flexible measuring cable was created to accommodate additional parameters, without the need for changing cones, cables or data loggers. All modules can be used with a 10 cm2 and a 15 cm2 Icone. When CPT-data are not required, the click-on modules can also be used with a dummy tip instead.