Cone Penetration Test

Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) uses a cylindrical instrumented cone pushed vertically into the ground at a constant rate of penetration to identify subsurface conditions down to 40m or more, depending on the pushing equipment and soil conditions. The collected data allows reliable interpretation of soil strength and stiffness parameters, and the soil type.
To obtain detailed and accurate geotechnical properties of soils, A.P. van den Berg developed the Icone, a digital CPT piezocone, and Icontrol, a digital data logger. The Icone measures the four standard CPT parameters:
  • cone tip resistance (qc)
  • sleeve friction (fs)
  • pore water pressure (u)
  • inclination (Ix/y)
Cone tip areas range from 5cm2 – 15cm2.
The base: Icone and Icontrol Table - Insitutek Cone Penetration Test - CPT
Using click-on plug & play modules, additional parameters can be collected:
Vane shear tester - Click-on Modules - Insitutek
Icone Vane (downhole electric shear vane)
  • soil investigation in soft soils, like clay, silt and mine tailings
  • allows in-situ measurement of the peak, residual and remoulded undrained shear strength
The electric motor drive and torque measurement are at the vane head, significantly improving results integrity by minimising friction.
Icone Conductivity - Click-on Modules - Insitutek
Icone Conductivity Module
  • detection of sand/clay layers
  • tracking of saltwater carrying layers
  • detection of contamination
Seismic CPT - Click-on Modules - Insitutek
Icone Seismic Module
  • for determining the stability of the ground by measuring the propagation speed of sound
  • allows calculation of: o   small strain shear modulus & constrained modulus o   elasticity modulus o   Poisson’s ratio
The small strain stiffness is very valuable for estimating the load displacement characteristics for foundations.
Magnetometer - Click-on Modules - Insitutek
Icone Magneto Module
  • 3-dimensional detection of the magnetic field
  • detection of sheet piling, ground anchors and Unexploded ordnance (UXO)
Almost undisturbed soil samples can be rapidly collected with the use of A.P. van den Berg’s MOSTAP thick-walled piston sampler.
Cone Penetration Test (CPT) uses hydraulic rams to push 36 mm diameter rods into the soil from a ballasted truck, ballasted track-truck, ballasted or anchored crawler, anchored trailer or anchored portable skids. We have different pushing systems available:
CPT Pushing System - Insitutek Cone Penetration Test - CPT
CPT Pushing Systems
Here is the range of CPT rigs for soil investigations on land or over shallow water on which the pushing systems are mounted.
Model Image Pushing Force Pulling Force Ground Pressure Speed Weight Dimensions Anchoring System Anchor Drive
HYSON 100 kN-LW Light Weight CPT system
0.6 x 0.6 x 1m
4x Helical Soil Anchors
Manual or Hygand hydraulic anchor setting
Mini CPT Crawler
32 kPa
3 km/hr
1.6 tonnes
Width 0.78m
2x Helical Soil Anchors
CPT Morooka Crawler
28 kPa
12 km/hr
15 tonnes
CPT Skid
470 to 625kg
CPT Trailer
Highway speeds
2.5 to 3.5 tonnes
Width 1.9m
4x or 8x Helical Soil Anchors
Manual or Hygand hydraulic anchor setting
Midi CPT Crawler
37 kPa
4 km/hr
3.5 tonnes
Width 1.2m
4x Helical Soil Anchors
CPT Crawler
31 to 44 kPa
5 km/hr
10 to 22 tonnes
Width 2.2 - 2.5m
CPT Truck
Highway speeds
15 to 21 tonnes
CPT Track-Truck
Track system reduces wheel load by 60 - 70%
Highway speeds
18 to 21 tonnes
A CPT conducted to a depth of 25 m will take about 2 hours. This is much quicker, and therefore cheaper, than drilling, which may take a day or more and would not provide the same level of detailed useful subsurface information. In situations where the CPT is unsuitable (e.g. course gravels up to 150mm), the GRIZZLY® Dynamic Probing Super Heavy (DPSH) is a suitable alternative, benefitting from dynamic energy to penetrate stiff and very stiff materials. Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) is a sophisticated Dutch soil investigation technique. For more than 50 years, A.P. van den Berg has designed and manufactured advanced CPT equipment and is well-known for its innovative strength and robust high quality equipment. A.P. van den Berg supplies complete or partial systems including the pushing equipment, tools and data acquisition systems. To find out more. Contact Us.