GRIZZLY® DPSH Research Papers

Servo Assisted & Computer Controlled Variable Energy Dynamic Super Heavy Penetrometer – BENZ-NAVARRETE, BREUL, MOUSTAN Sol Solution & Clermont Auvergne University, France – XVI PCSMGE Conference Mexico – Nov 2019

This paper describes a servo-assisted and computer-controlled variable energy super heavy penetrometer (DPSH) for dynamic cone testing called Grizzly-EV®. The equipment controls and adjusts the hammer driving energy as required depending on the penetration of the cone into to ground to maintain a relatively constant energy/settlement ratio throughout the test. Results of in-situ tests conducted at four different sites in France and Spain are used to assess the repeatability, sensitivity and reliability of the equipment. Comparisons to results of cone penetration tests (CPT) are also presented and discussed.

GRIZZLY DYNAMIC PENETROMETER DPSH – Gouvres, Chabanat etc JNGG 2012 (French)

A world first – Heavy penetrometer automatically adapts its impact energy to the soil hardness

The Variable Energy option converts the GRIZZLY® from a constant dynamic energy penetrometer (DPSH) into a Variable Energy version, providing high resolution, reliability and accurate measurements in soft or very soft soils whilst automatically adapting to the resistance of the soils encountered during the test. Hence with the Variable Energy option, the GRIZZLY® DPSH is very good at measuring the interface between hard and soft zones which are of great interest to geotechnical engineers.

GRIZZLY Site Investigation DPSH Penetrometer