Asphalt Stiffness Test for Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Zorn AT 3000

  • Measure the stiffness of freshly paved Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) layers following roller compaction
  • Make informed decision on when to re-opened the road to traffic

HMA Hot Mix Asphalt Zorn AT 3000 GPS for measuring asphalt StiffnessA new asphalt pavement or resurfacing has just been completed and you want to know; “How soon can this road be opened to traffic”.

The objective of the AT 3000 Asphalt Tester is to enable an informed decision to be made to open a freshly paved road to be opened to traffic as soon as possible, whilst ensuring compliance to quality standards and that no damage will occur, due to premature  traffic load.

The AT 3000 Asphalt Tester results show the increasing elasticity or deformation modulus in MN/m2 by measuring the deflection of the asphalt layers. This helps to safely evaluate bearing capacity of newly placed asphalt layers based on their elastic behaviour.


The advantages of the AT 3000 Asphalt Tester include:Measuring asphalt Stiffness for HMA Hot Mix Asphalt Zorn AT 3000 GPS Example Software Output Graphs

  • Newly laid asphalt pavements can be opened with confidence sooner
  • Immediate feedback on the performance of the asphalt, without having to return to the laboratory
  • Non destructive test
  • Immediate, on‐site evaluation of measurement results possible (Readings captured on SD-card for data memory (10,000 data sets) allowing immediate on-site results printing and data transfer to PC)
  • Data interpretation software allows data storage, analysis and manipulation and easy inclusion into reports
  • No manual data recording (data recording / transposition errors eliminated)
  • Graphical representation of the data
  • Accurate repeatable results
  • Operated by one person
  • Test every individual layer between roller operations: wearing course, binder course and sub-surface layers can be tested with every roller pass
  • Fast (2 minutes per measuring point) & safe (non nuclear) testing
  • Robust design specifically for field use

The AT 3000 Asphalt Tester from Zorn Instruments complements existing control methods, such as laboratory dynamic bending and tension tests or density control with nuclear gauges.

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Measuring asphalt Stiffness for HMA Hot Mix Asphalt Zorn AT 3000 GPS Example Software Analysis