PANDA® DCP Options – Automatic Hammer, Hammering Column and Mechanical Rod Extractor

Automatic Hammer – For deep or repetitive tests, an automatic hammer is available as an alternative to using the 1.7kg hammer. The Automatic Hammer can also be operated by one person. It has a 10kg drop weight with a fixed drop height and is powered by small 240V electric generator. Penetration is at a rate of 1 blow per 3.5 seconds.

Automatic Hammer Electric 10kg for PANDA DCP      Automatic Hammer Electric 10kg with Operator for PANDA DCP

Hammering Column – The hammering column gives you more energy than with the 1.7kg manual hammer (heavier drop weight and axial energy)Hammering column

  • Constant energy (free falling) or variable (by accelerated the 5kg drop hammer) 
  • Alternating hammering left hand – right hand, two hands 
  • Hammering type change possible during a single PANDA® test (manual hammering, hammering column, electric automatic hammer) 
  • Suited for stiff and very stiff materials 

Rod Extractor – Although the PANDA® DCP is supplied with a lightweight T-piece rod extractor, for most applications, this Mechanical Rod Extractor is preferable.

Mechanical Rod Extractor for PANDA Dynamic Cone Penetrometer DCP with Technician