LWD Options

LWD Light Weight Deflectometer Zorn ZFG 3000 and 3.0 Options​

In-situ Dynamic CBR California Bearing Ratio Portable Laboratory Dynamic CBR with Proctor Hammer California Bearing Ratio
Figure 1 – In-situ CBR Attachment (California Bearing Ratio) Figure 2 – Portable Laboratory CBR Attachment (California Bearing Ratio)
Light Weight Deflectometer LWD 150mm Plate Light Weight Deflectometer LWD ZORN ACC3 Air Cargo Case with Wheels
Figure 3 – 150mm Diameter Plate Figure 4 – Protective & Strong Transport Box with Wheels
Folding Transport Trolley for LWD Light Weight Deflectometer Load Device
 Figure 5 – Folding Transport Trolley Figure 6 – 15Kg Load Device  (Evd 70-105MN/m2)