Bcorp Month 2023: We go beyond - Insitutek Blog post featured image

We see a huge opportunity for business to balance profits for shareholders with the well-being of people and the planet and we are actively encouraging our client base to think in a similar way.

The global B Corp community is made up of companies building an economy that is not only sustainable but also inclusive and equitable. Insitutek is one of these companies.

Becoming a B Corp means more than just having a rigorous 3rd party international certification. It means joining a community of businesses dedicated to making a positive impact on the world. During #BCorpMonth 2023, we have witnessed how B Corps are stepping up and going beyond traditional business practices to create a more regenerative, equitable, and inclusive economy. All of this is possible thanks to the passionate people driving these businesses forward.

We are thrilled that Insitutek is part of the B Corp community. We strongly believe that creating significant, long-lasting change requires collective action. And by promoting sustainable practices, Insitutek is enabling people in civil construction to push forward with confidence. Our commitment to sustainability means that we are constantly looking for innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to the challenges of civil construction.

Let's work together to promote sustainable civil construction practices and build a better world for future generations.