It’s seems like every few days we are having conversations relating to the shortage of lime supply or significant price increases. Is this an issue for you?

We’d like to share an alternative that maybe worth reviewing, if the application is suitable.

TERRA-3000® is a transformational long lasting sustainable soil stabilisation solution for performance improvement (mechanical and hydraulic) of cohesive (clayey) soils.

TERRA-3000® transforms in-situ clay soils into a high-performing asset by permanently and irreversibly breaking down the capillary action of water within cohesive fines during treatment.

As a consequence, treated soil particles are more closely associated during compaction.

The result is the treated layers are no longer prone to the problems associated with the ingress of water and pavement strength is markedly improved.

Whilst substantially improving the performance of in-situ cohesive soils used in civil construction, TERRA-3000® is carbon neutral, water-soluble, non-leaching, safe to handle, and is suitable for use in environmentally sensitive environments. These qualities are very important to us.

For example on safe handling, just today, I was chatting with a client about lime + sweat burn on the neck. In this instance, they were not involved in the lime application process, just working near by.

TERRA-3000® facilitates the creation of a base-grade from in-situ materials at a lesser depth, delivering better performance at a lower cost, than traditional pavement design.

Let us know if you’d like to explore this further.