How the MIT-DOWEL-SCAN works

MIT-DOWEL-SCAN Tie Bar Alignment & Positioning Test Data Collector Intregrated onto ScannerThe operating principle behind the MIT-DOWEL-SCAN is pulse-induction. The pulse induction method utilizes the magnetic properties of tie bars to create a magnetic field and is referred to as Magnetic Imaging Tomography (MIT). The equipment emits a weak, pulsating, magnetic signal and detects the transient magnetic response signal induced in the metal bars. The response signals are measured with high precision using special receivers in the testing device, permitting the determination of horizontal misalignment, vertical misalignment, side shift and depth of the dowel bar from the top of the pavement.

MIT-DOWEL-SCAN Tie Bar Alignment & Positioning Test Entire System fits in Transport CaseThe MIT-DOWEL-SCAN has 10 sensors and a laser to guide the unit along the joint with great accuracy & repeatability. Results are available directly after the measurement on the screen of the device. Data is visualized as a measuring curve and a colorful map in addition to bar positions and misalignment parameters that are computed. A more detailed analysis of the data can be done by the software MagnoProof on a laptop.

Analysis software MagnoProof

MIT-MagnoProof analysis software is part of the MIT-DOWEL-SCAN system for further analysis of the measurement data on the laptop. The MagnoProof software functions include:

  1. Data transfer to laptop / desktop PC via USB
  2. Data organization into work folders for multiple project capability
  3. Software automatically corrects erroneous data
  4. Identifies potential causes of result interferences
  5. Automatic evaluation of depth, alignment, & translations of tie bar / dowel bar positions
  6. Quantative results & Joint map are shown on a single screen
  7. Reports as MS-Excel and PDF files
  8. Joint map integrated into the MS-Excel spreadsheet
  9. Batch processing of multiple joints with statistical analysis tables for each bar per joint

MIT MagnoProof Software for Dowel Bar & Tie Bar Alignment and Pisitioning