20th International Conference On Soil Mechanics And Geotechnical Engineering

Apr 28, 2022 | Insitutek

What a privilege for the Australian Geomechanics Society (AGS) to be hosting the 20th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering in Sydney from 1 – 5 May.

If you are one of the 600+ people attending in person, we’d love to catch up with you at our stand.

The theme of ICSMGE 2022 is “A Geotechnical Discovery Downunder – Geotechnical Diversity Awaits You”.

ICSMGE 2022 will focus on the application of theory and the discovery that comes when world-class minds are focused on the geotechnical problems facing our world. The conference program and technical sessions reflect this emphasis on applications, and are designed to trigger collaboration, innovation, and discovery from a diverse group of participants. The program will be hybrid, designed for both in person and virtual attendees.

A couple of program highlights include:

Day 1 – 2 May 2022

11:15 – 12:15 State of the Art Lecture: Transportation Geotechnics

Richard Kelly, Claudia Zapata

16:15 – 17:15 State of the Art Lecture: Tailings Dams

Andy Fourie, Ramon Verdugo

We’ll highlight further sessions on our Insitutek LinkedIn page when we have access to the detailed program.

While we are very excited to see colleagues at the conference, we recognize that not every one is going to be there. Hence, over the last couple of months, we have been organising organisation wide Lunch and Learn sessions for our network and plan on continuing these.

Recent topics include:

  • Compaction Control for Dam Wall Construction – Light Weight Deflectometer vs PANDA Instrumented DCP, Nuclear Density Meter and Sand Replacement
  • TERRA-3000 for Long Term Sustainable Soil Improvement / Soil Stabilisation – Pavement Academy
  • How to Double the Lift Thickness (and Halve the Number of Lifts) without Compromising Compaction Quality – An Australian Case Study
  • Why is there a shift from density to modulus based testing?
  • Geotechnical Investigation In Situ Testing Options

Hosted by our very own Robin Power, the intention is to increase awareness and stimulate internal discussions on alternatives to traditional practice. Let us know if you are interested and have a particular topic in mind and we can arrange a session for you.

You can check out our recent blog posts for further ideas.

We purchased a PANDA 2 machine after using one from another laboratory. The information obtained has saved money on numerous jobs. It is reasonably priced and the after-market service has been great. Highly recommend using Insitutek.

Brett McDonald

Department of Transport and Main Roads, QLD

The ZFG 3000 is an excellent tool and should be included in any professional contractors equipment list of assets. This tool should have a similar impact on the construction industry as the laser level. The ability to accurately and reliably measure this aspect of ground condition will improve the quality of the work and remove doubt as to the progress of the project.

I bought my ZFG 3000 and on the same day less than two hours later, it had paid for itself. Using this instrument, I was able to demonstrate scientifically, repeatably and independently the quality of the work that we had completed for our client. Ending the disagreement and creating an improved working relationship. Most jobs are not as confrontational as this was however, most jobs are built to a standard. The contractor can now measure as required, to know on site, at the time of testing if this standard is being achieved.

I strongly recommend the ZFG 3000 Deflectometer to any earthmoving, civil construction contractor. Good luck with your projects.

Jim Bassett

Managing Director, Bassearth Pty Ltd

The PANDA probe is giving us and the construction team very useful insight with immediate feedback on the compaction being achieved on a major new rail construction project in QLD. We have two teams working daily using PANDA DCP’s and the Automatic Hammer on the rail formation, enabling real time decision making with confidence, based on the highly repeatable results.

Federico Velasquez

Senior Geotechnical Engineer, CMW GeoSciences

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