Product Training

We offer product training to enable our clients to get the most out of the product they have purchased or rented from us.

For insitu testing equipment, the full product training on equipment and the software is typically between ½ day and 1 day and is a blend of classroom and practical field training. The product training typically includes:

  • The principles behind the equipment
  • How to setup the equipment
  • How to carry out the tests
  • Analysis of the results using the software including software installation, data loading, reading and interpretation
  • Interpretation of the results
  • Equipment care and maintenance

For soil stabilisation, we provide comprehensive on-site training of civil construction crews using the soil stabiliser TERRA-3000.

Once a trainee has performed the training exercises to our satisfaction, we can provide the trainee with a competency statement certifying that they have reached the required level of competency and that they have demonstrated they have fulfilled the learning objectives of the training.

We can deliver the training in person (subject to COVID restrictions) or live online.

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Training Session in the Pilbarra