AAPA Flexible Pavements Conference in Sydney

Sep 3, 2019 | Insitutek, Intelligent Compaction

Asphalt AAPA conference 2019 Insitutest

It was such a pleasure to welcome clients and prospective clients to booth E19 at the Australian Asphalt Pavements Association Flexible Pavements Conference in Sydney. We were delighted to meet so many of you interested in innovative insitu testing for asphalt and base materials.

Highlights from the conference included:

Mon 19th August

  • Ian Van Wijk – Consideration of sustainability aspects in the assessment of the feasibility of surfacing of unsealed roads
  • Ryan Jansz – Asphalt In Rail For The First Time In Australia

Tue 20th August

  • Dr. George K. Chang – Intelligent compaction – Keynote
  • Laszlo Petho – Insitu performance monitoring of a high RAP content asphalt mix designed using the binder blend characterisation method
  • Bevan Sullivan – Performance of Flexible Pavements in Container

Wed 21st August

  • Greg White – Advances and innovations in flexible airport pavements

Devices shown during the conference included our Light Weight Deflectometer for measuring base stiffness before laying asphalt and discussing topics like Intelligent Compaction, measurement of asphalt thickness and determining insitu asphalt stiffness so you can determine how soon can you open a freshly laid pavement to traffic. 

To best support our clients with Intelligent Compaction implementation, Insitu Test have partnered with world leaders in Intelligent Compaction, The Transtec Group (USA). A very special guest joined us all the way from America! Dr. George Chang – Director of Research presented one of the keynote presentations.

Dr. George Chang is a world leader in Intelligent Compaction (IC) technologies. Since 2007, Dr. Chang has led the national IC implementation efforts in the US and founded the International Society for Intelligent Construction for worldwide promotion of innovative construction technologies.

The Transtec Group is also the developer of the one-stop-shop Intelligent Compaction website and Veta, the IC industry standard map-based tool for viewing and analysing geospatial data. Veta can import data from various IC systems to perform editing, data layering, point testing, and analysis. Veta displays compaction information in easy-to-read formats, including graphs and maps.

The best part to come from this conference was meeting great people. We love sharing our knowledge and connecting people together.

George Chang Intelligent compaction AAPA conference 2019 Asphalt
Dr. George Chang


The Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD) was first used in 1998 by the Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) at the Minnesota Road Research Project. Starting in 2005 the LWD has been used by Mn/DOT as an acceptance tool for the compaction of roadbed and miscellaneous embankment and trench construction, culvert treatments and other tapered construction.

Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT)

We have been very happy with the support from Insitutek. They are knowledgeable and have been super responsive and flexible to our needs.

Federico Velasquez

Senior Geotechnical Engineer, CMW GeoSciences

I would hate to go back to doing the Plate Load Test using the old method using dial gauges. It would be so time consuming, not to mention manually recording and then processing all the results.

Daniel Pearce

Director - Pearce Geotech

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