As well as selling and renting Light Weight Deflectometer to clients, we are delighted to announce a partnership between Insitutek and Trilab for Zorn Instruments Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD) calibrations and repairs.

Insitutek clients now have exclusive access to the only Light Weight Deflectometer calibration and maintenance facility in the Southern Hemisphere. Our Australian based Zorn Calibration Stand and Maintenance Facility in Brisbane is exclusive to Zorn Instruments clients and saves you significant down time compared to calibration and repairs in Germany.

Trilab carries out the calibrations and repairs and Insitutek takes care of everything else including:

  • Maintaining the spare parts stock 
  • Keeping clients up to date with their calibrations
  • Arranging door to door freight and insurance (and customs processing where relevant)
  • Client liaison for repairs
  • Pricing and invoicing

Trilab technicians have been trained in calibration and repairs by Zorn Instruments and the calibration stand was built by Zorn Instruments in Germany.

Insitutek brought the collaboration together to better serve our Asia Pacific clientele. 

As they have always done, Insitutek provides a door to door service, from pick up to drop off of your Light Weight Deflectometers. 

This includes:

  • Equipment transport and insurance from your company to our Brisbane calibration facility (Door to Door)
  • Customs Clearance (temporary import) into and out of Australia.
  • Calibration
  • Repairs
  • Equipment transport and insurance from Brisbane back to your company

If you are interested to find out more about the LWD calibration process, this video is a good starter

As many of you know, we have partnered with Zorn Instruments for over 15 years, selling to, renting to, training and otherwise supporting our Light Weight Deflectometer clients and developing the markets understanding and practical use of the equipment. 

Trilab is Australasia’s leading independent supplier of specialised soil and rock mechanics testing, to the Asia-Pacific mining, civil construction and infrastructure industries. They have two full service laboratories in Brisbane and Perth and an extensive calibration facility in Brisbane.

Insitutek is transforming geotechnics, earthworks and pavement construction in Australasia, through insitu testing methods and soil stabilisation.