Insitutek are calling for Australia to become a Renewables Nation

Oct 22, 2021 | Insitutek

Insitutek is standing with 117 other businesses and calling for Australian governments to announce the vision, policies, and investment we need to position ourselves as a world-leading renewable energy exporter in a joint letter to Scott Morrison.

Joint letter signees. Courtesy of WWF Australia.

Insitutek is committed to advocating renewable energy and the tremendous advantage it could bring. Our energy consumption is entirely sourced from renewable energy and a number of our clients are using our products in the advancement of renewable energy in Australia.

Australia has huge potential for a renewable energy economy. We have some of the best wind and solar resources in the world, abundant land, and the critical minerals needed to make renewable energy technologies such as batteries. We also have the skills, expertise, and strong trading relationships needed to develop a thriving clean energy export industry.

A range of studies have found that becoming a renewable energy export superpower could grow Australia’s economy by up to $333 billion per annum and create hundreds of thousands of jobs, particularly in regional areas. A report released by the Business Council of Australia and the Australian Council of Trade Unions outlines that we would see Australia’s economy boosted by $89 billion and almost 400,000 jobs created for Aussie workers when we invest in clean energy exports.

Although we have the needed resources in becoming a renewable energy export powerhouse, it is still up to the Australian Government to take action in unlocking these opportunities.

In the joint letter sent to Scot Morrison, we are calling on the Australian Government to step up and announce the vision, policies, and investment we need to position ourselves as a world-leading renewable energy exporter at the upcoming Climate Change Conference of Parties in Glasgow (COP26). Specifically, we’re calling on the Federal Government to commit to:

  1. Creating Regional Renewable Energy Industrial Precincts: to enable clusters of traditionally hard-to-decarbonise industries to be powered with renewables and clean heat. 
  2. Developing Bold Renewable Export Plans: that put us on a path to creating enough renewable energy to power our domestic needs with enough left over to sell to our neighbours. 
  3. Delivering a Fair Transition: ensure First Nations, workers and regional communities benefit from the renewables race.  

We find the Insitutek team extremely helpful and their knowledge of the equipment and its capabilities is a great resource for our staff.

Lucas Pardo

Principal, LR Pardo & Associates

The PANDA probe is giving us and the construction team very useful insight with immediate feedback on the compaction being achieved on a major new rail construction project in QLD. We have two teams working daily using PANDA DCP’s and the Automatic Hammer on the rail formation, enabling real time decision making with confidence, based on the highly repeatable results.

Federico Velasquez

Senior Geotechnical Engineer, CMW GeoSciences

I have known the team at Insitutek for over ten years. Their professionalism, positivity and enthusiasm for their work is outstanding and I am pleased to recommend them.

Greg Adamson

Geotechnical Engineering

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