Since the earliest trials of Intelligent Compaction (IC) in Australia nearly 10 years ago, we have recognised that a well-developed local knowledge base will be critical for the successful implementation of IC.

IC is a major aid to attain high compaction quality and uniformity.

IC is roller mounted real-time compaction monitoring. IC refers to vibratory rollers equipped with an integrated measurement system, an onboard computer reporting system, Global Positioning System (GPS) based mapping, and optional feedback control.

Globally, the most recent national implementations of IC (or Continuous Compaction Control (CCC) as it is also known) have been in the USA, Europe and increasingly in China.

Now there is strong interest and increasing IC activity in Australia and New Zealand. To best support our clients with IC implementation, Insitu Test has partnered with world leaders in Intelligent Compaction, The Transtec Group (USA).

Further, through our global network, we benefit from strong technical relationships with roller OEMs, IC retrofit kit OEMs and OEMs in country distribution partners / vendors.

Our IC implementation support includes:

  • Development of IC implementation plans
  • High-level IC awareness workshops for executives and senior managers
  • Onsite mid-level IC training for project managers and supervisors
  • Onsite low-level IC training for field construction crew
  • Pilot field projects with onsite IC support
  • Full field projects with onsite and/or remote IC support
  • Establishment of in-house database for IC
  • IC technical specification development/refinement/review for asphalt and soils

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Dr. George Chang is a world leader in IC technologies and is the team leader of The Transtec Group’s Intelligent Construction Technical Support Center in the USA. Since 2007, Dr. Chang has led the national IC implementation efforts in the US and founded the International Intelligent Construction Technologies Group for worldwide promotion of innovative construction technologies.

The Transtec Group is also the developer of the one-stop-shop Intelligent Compaction website and Veta, the IC industry standard map-based tool for viewing and analyzing geospatial data.

Veta Software for Intelligent Compaction Transtec

Veta can import data from various IC systems to perform editing, data layering, point testing, and analysis. Veta displays compaction information in easy-to-read formats, including graphs and maps.

We look forward to supporting you on your journey towards Intelligent Compaction implementation. Let us know how we can help.