PM announces clean energy export plan

Sep 27, 2021 | Insitutek

This morning, The Australian published the announcement of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s clean energy export plan. This could mark an exciting step in the right direction towards achieving the goal of Australia becoming a renewable energy export superpower — if it is coupled with the investment and policy needed.

Australia has some of the best renewable resources in the world, the space and minerals needed, and the skills and expertise required to develop a thriving clean energy export industry – but the Federal Government holds the key to unlocking these opportunities. 

The two questions that remain to be answered surrounding the Prime Minister’s ‘Clean Exports Plan’ are:

  • What does “clean” mean? Does it mean renewable energy, technologies such as batteries and commodities made with renewables such as green steel? Or does it mean more fossil fuel solutions such as gas and carbon capture and storage?
  • Will there actually be policy commitments that help commercialise new technologies and create new market demand – such as supporting the establishment of Renewable Energy Industrial Precincts (REIPs)?

Alongside WWF-Australia, we’ve been calling on the Federal Government to develop a clean export plan that harnesses our unique renewable export opportunities. Today’s announcement is a step in the right direction. We hope any Federal Government Clean Exports plan embraces all of these opportunities, not just those covered in the current low emissions technology roadmap. Join us in our discussion on LinkedIn.


That was really useful and informative yesterday – started a lot of discussion around here.

Troy Crozier

Principal, Crozier Geotechnical Consultants

I would hate to go back to doing the Plate Load Test using the old method using dial gauges. It would be so time consuming, not to mention manually recording and then processing all the results.

Daniel Pearce

Director - Pearce Geotech

I felt the training was very thorough. If anyone doesn’t know how to use a PANDA after that session, they shouldn’t be using one at all.

Sam Bamford

Laboratory Division Manager, Protest Engineering

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