MOSTAP Sampler


  • Almost undisturbed soil samples collected rapidly
  • Continuous core sampling in runs up to 1.0 m or discrete sampling at any depth
  • Samples typically contained in 65mm diameter plastic liner

The MOSTAP sampler is a relatively ‘undisturbed’ pushed soil sampler. The sampler provides good samples of soil for identification and classification purpose. The samples may also be used for triaxial and odometer laboratory tests.

The main advantage of this system is the ability to take samples at discreet depths.

Using a CPT rig, the MOSTAP sampler is pushed into the ground using casing pipes with the cone tip in place. Once at the target depth, a ‘fishing tool’ is lowered down and the MOSTAP is activated by pulling the cone tip inward, revealing the cutting shoe and guiding the soil into the sample tube by its suction effect. The MOSTAP system is then pushed a further metre in order to take the sample. The sample goes inside a stockinet (to reduce the side friction) and then inside a plastic sample tube / liner. The MOSTAP system typically takes 1.0 m long samples with a diameter of 65mm. A core catcher at the end of the sampler prevents loose or soft soils falling back out of the sampler, during transport and storage.

To maintain sample quality, especially for soft soils, the sample tube with a nylon stocking better supports the sample during the sampling process and during transportation to the research laboratory.

By replacing the plastic tube with a stainless steel tube, samples can be taken in contaminated soil.

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