Workshop – Light Weight Deflectometers (LWDs) within Bulk Earthworks Projects – Demonstrated Uses and Project Specifications

Feb 28, 2023 | Bearing Capacity, Compaction Control, Insitutek, Rail Formation & Ballast Condition Assessment, Soil & Site Investigation

Don’t miss our upcoming workshop where you’ll learn everything you need to know about using this technology in bulk earthworks projects.This practical hands-on workshop aims to help geomechanics practitioners become confident in using the Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD) as an alternative method for verification of earthworks compaction, using worked examples and case studies.

The workshop target audience is:

  • pavement designers,
  • civil and geotechnical engineers (consultants and contractors); and
  • laboratory managers.

LWDs offer innovative solutions to an industry that is currently utilising 1970s technologies, requiring nuclear sources to be present onsite and is beset with staff and skill shortages. In this context, the use of LWDs reduces the time taken to complete the insitu testing, the time lag between testing and reportingautomates recording of test results and removes the need for nuclear sources to be mobilised around construction sites. In addition, LWDs allow the insitu, direct measurement of design parameters, and reduce the need for use of generic parameters to relate site test results to design adopted inputs. The workshop will focus on bulk earthworks applications, like embankments and sub-grades.

Draft QLD DTMR “Guidance on Use of Light Weight Falling Deflectometers (LWDs) to be Accepted as an Alternative Method for Verification of Earthworks Compaction Requirements” within an QA regime was released in 2021.

The workshop will build from the basics of compaction right through to really understanding LWD’s and the interpretation of results. We will pull apart the draft QLD DTMR Guidance and help attendees to apply this method specification in practice, using real world data and worked examples.

Attendees will also gain insights from projects where this approach was developed and refined into specifications that were adopted for onsite works; including major NSW and QLD infrastructure projects.

Your educators are those who have been facilitating the implementation of LWD’s for more than 15 years, and include pavement designers, geotechnical engineers, laboratory managers and contractors.

We cannot wait to share the full line up with you!

Primary Presenters:


Dr David Lacey – Principal Geotechnical Engineer at FSG Geotechnics & Foundations, National Chair – Australian Geomechanics Society

David is arguably the most knowledgeable person in Australia on Light Weight Deflectometers. Not only did he do his PhD on them but for many years, he has been championing their use in construction projects across the country. Hence, his knowledge is both highly practical and academic – a powerful combination

Robin Power – Business Development at Insitutek, Chair – Ground Level Alliance

Robin has been advocating for the implementation of innovative insitu testing methods to help clients make better informed timely decisions for more than 15 years. The Light Weight Deflectometer was unknown in the Pacific region when Robin started working with it. Now it’s being adapted as an accepted testing method on major infrastructure projects.


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Our Plate Load equipment is getting a lot of use. We’re very happy with it. 🙂

Mary Flux

Director & Engineering Geologist, WANT Geotechnics

We have been very happy with the support from Insitutek. They are knowledgeable and have been super responsive and flexible to our needs.

Federico Velasquez

Senior Geotechnical Engineer, CMW GeoSciences

I would hate to go back to doing the Plate Load Test using the old method using dial gauges. It would be so time consuming, not to mention manually recording and then processing all the results.

Daniel Pearce

Director - Pearce Geotech

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